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Begin lying on the floor with dumbbells outstretched above
your head.  Keeping your arms straight, crunch your upper
body up and bring the arms toward the floor in front of you
while bringing both knees toward your face.  Return to starting
position with out touching feet to the floor.  Be mindful to keep
the lower back in contact with the floor.

Repeat for a set of 10 - 20 reps.
Are you eating foods that help protect your body
against disease

In the world we live in, there are so many environmental elements we encounter that
cause disease - second hand smoke, ultraviolet sun rays, a depleting ozone layer,
pollution, etc.  

But, there are many steps we can take to protect ourselves from some of the
potential problems we encounter in life.  A healthy diet is a simple way to take a big
step toward better overall health.

here to view a chart of healthy foods that help to prevent disease.  

Healthy Eating Habits are good habits to live by.  Click here for tips.
Knowing your Body Fat Composition

Below is a standard chart for where you stand regarding your body fat:

Source:  American Council on Exercise

    There are several means we use to measure body fat and general health.  

    #1 - Weight:
    Most people are very familiar with stepping onto a scale to
    determine their weight.  Each person's ideal weight is different
    based upon height and body composition (lean muscle vs.
    fatty tissue).

    #2 - Fat Caliper Measurements:
    callipers, but this type of measurement will give you a good
    estimate at what your fat to lean mass ratio is.

    If you know your approximate body fat percentage, check the
    chart above to see where you stand.  If you fall into the
    Acceptable range or above, you are in good standing.  If you
    are below the acceptable range at 32% or more, you need to
    make some changes immediately.

    #3 - BMI (Body Mass Index)
    Measuring your BMI is a quick determinant of general health.  
    All you need to know is you weight and height.  You can get a
    quick number which will immediately give you a guide to your
    overall health.  Click here to determine your BMI.

    #4 - Blood Pressure:
    Another important number to consider when assessing health
    is your blood pressure.  It's relatively easy to measure and will
    give you some general information about what's going inside
    you body.  Any evidence of elevated blood pressure will let
    you know that you need to address what's causing it and
    make some exercise and dietary changes.

    Contact us to schedule a Body Fat Evaluation and Consultation.
18.5 - 24.9
25 - 29.9
30 - 39.9
Morbidly Obese
> 40

It has been said that all sickness begins in the colon and spreads to other
parts of the body.  Cleansing is very important for creating and maintaining a
healthy digestive tract and bowels.  Cleansing will get you on track for fat loss
and efficiently using the fuel (food) you take in.  

Formula CKLS was created to eliminate and stop all problems of the colon,
kidneys, liver, spleen and other organs that build-up toxin. CKLS will not gripe
the stomach like other body cleaners you may have tried in the past. CKLS
could eliminate stress, sluggishness headaches, mucus buildups, tiredness,
worms, colon pockets, harmful bacteria, and constipation.  CKLS helps to
rebuild the mucus lining and heal the intestine.

To order CKLS capsules or the 7-day CKLS Cleansing Program, contact
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Women (% fat)
Men (% fat)
Essential Fat
10-12 %
2-4 %
14-20 %
General Fitness
21-24 %
32% or higher
26% or higher